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Let your journey begin

About me:

There’s not much needed to say. I could give you my credentials and share with you how the idea of creating this blog came about, but all that is of no real importance to you. This blog is all about you and the journey you are pursuing. I am merely laying out information that might be valuable to your own development or not. I am not here to convince you, as I have no urge to make you think what is right or wrong. My motive isn’t altruistic; it is much simpler. There is no hidden agenda; it is pure. My intent is on the process of writing itself about a theme that plays the main role in everybody’s life. I could write about all the benefits I have personally experienced but again, this is about you, so instead I invite you to see for yourself and know firsthand what it is like.


  1. Many thanks for the follow Bambushoe it is great to have you on board – Welcome! If you have any requests or suggestions just let me know. Out of interest where are you based? MM 🍀

  2. Thanks for your nice comments of my blog on foodbod, why we blog, Sophies Foodie Files! 🙂 I came over to check you out! You have a lovely blog here! 🙂

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