The power of chewing your food thoroughly!

It is highly beneficial to chew your food between seventeen to forty times (or until the food is broken down to the point where it is similar to liquid form).
Uncooked food in comparison to cooked food requires thorough mastication, especially when it is eaten without drinking any liquid during the mastication process. Eating raw foods helps to clean the teeth and maintain a high level of dental health. Thoroughly masticating raw foods also requires vigorous muscular exercise of all parts of the mouth, including tongue and lymphatic tissues. Many people today rarely, if ever, exercise their facial muscles sufficiently. This is due to the fact that most people eat mainly devitalized cooked foods which can be swallowed easily and thus cause insufficient mastication. Exercising your facial muscles by chewing your food thoroughly is one of the natural ways to prevent the formation of wrinkles.
Sylvester Graham (“lectures”) makes note of the fact that if we become accustomed to masticating food only on one side of the mouth and do not make use of the other side, within a few years the unused teeth will begin to decay and the gums will become tender and, in time, a certain number of the unused teeth will be lost, while the teeth on the other side where chewing is performed consistently will remain sound.
The enamel on the teeth is by far the hardest substance in the human body, made by a precise magnesium-calcium arrangement. However, by the process of masticating very hot foods, this crystallized material can be rudely cracked with invisible hairline fractures. These hairline fractures in time develop into dental caries. When eating cooked food or drinking hot beverages, try to wait until it cools off a little. This alone will reap huge benefits for your teeth.

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  1. Good to know that I have instinctively always done it right! That’s why I’m such a slow eater 😉

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