A tasty recipe with sunflower seeds!

There is no food complete in itself, but sunflower seeds come very close. They contain nearly the whole spectrum of important nutritive elements, including high quality protein. Also every vitamin except vitamin C is contained in these little kernels, but even vitamin C is developed when sprouted! Sunflower seeds also contain highly digestible polyunsaturated fatty acids. The vitamin E prevents the rancidity of the oils in the seeds. It is also one of the only sun-following plants which contain vitamin D! These kernels also contain generous amounts of Vitamin A, B-complex factors, Vitamin K, and a bonanza of minerals and trace elements, including potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc.

This recipe is tasty, healthy, easy and fast to make.


Sunflower seeds (one handful per person)
Three tomatoes per person
Curcuma (one teaspoon)
Lettuce (you can choose how much like)

Blend the sunflower seeds with curcuma. Chop some tomatoes. Place the lettuce on a plate or bowl. Put the tomatoes on top. Then add the blended sunflower seeds.

We ate this quite often when we went completely raw and it proved to be very satisfying.

If you would like to know more about the recipes given in this blog, you can read about it here:https://bambushoe.com/recipes/

The information on sunflower seeds comes from Dr. Robert Sniadach’s Natural Hygiene course. If you wish to do this course you can go to http://www.transformationinstitute.org/

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  1. Yummy! I love adding sunflower seeds for an extra crunch to my salads, quinoa breakfast meal, shakes and even my toast/rice cakes with nut butter

  2. Great recipe, healthy and tasty 😀 Can’t wait to get more of this kind!

  3. A lovely easy recipe! I love tomatoes & sunflower seeds, not to mention curcuma too! Yummm!

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