Is vitamin supplementing necessary?

Vitamin supplementsBefore we ask the question whether vitamin supplementing is necessary or not, let us first see how the body utilizes these organic chemical compounds.

Vitamins are really not food, or differently put, they are not used by the body as food is. Vitamins are protein compounds or simple amino acids. They assist the body at a cellular level to utilize and assimilate the food that has been eaten. They also stimulate the metabolic process if eaten in excess. Their main responsibility is to regulate body activity.
What is known so far is that vitamins supply no energy or nutrient to the body. They simply make it possible for the body to appropriate proteins, carbohydrates, fats and salts. It is also known that they are absolutely vital for growth as they are required in cellular replication (division). They also play an important part in the regeneration of cellular matter and the overall maintenance of health. Their total role in the body will probably never be known.
Vitamins assist enzymes in their catalytic work and, for this reason, are often called “coenzymes.” They assist both hormones and enzymes, and some compare their role with that of a nurse’s aide who assists the registered nurse in caring for all the patients.

This article will not explain the exact purposes of each vitamin, nor list them. There are plenty of books giving this information. I’ll let the reader decide whether it is necessary or not to know this information for vibrant health.

Living plants synthesize vitamins, minerals and many other important substances. All animals are dependent on the vegetable kingdom for their vitamins. An interesting fact is that plants which have the highest mineral content also have a high content of vitamins.  What’s more is that the particular part of the plant richest in minerals is also richest in vitamins. It seems as though nature is so symbiotically intertwined that the careful relationships, displayed by plants designed for man’s consumption, might also be favorable to body processes in the human who eats of the plant.
The plant which is darker in color usually is higher in vitamin and mineral content. When leaves are exposed to many days of suitable sunshine, they have a higher amount of mineral and vitamin content. This fact tells us that there is a precise balance between the vitamin-mineral relationship in each part of the plant.

If we wish for a maximum vitamin-mineral intake, we should eat those foods which are well exposed to the sun, foods which grow above the soil. To conserve body energy we should concentrate on foods which are also easy to digest.

Be careful though, just because a food is high in vitamins, does not necessarily mean that they are good for us. For example red hot chili peppers (raw) have 21,600 units of vitamin A as compared to a peach of similar weight containing only 1330 units. This is because the red hot chili pepper contains many other toxins which are terrible for the body.

What we know is that nature provides vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances all in the right ratio to one another. The human body is perfectly adapted to the ratio composition of the plant kingdom. We know this only because it is so apparent and obvious. If this were not the case we would not exist!
Our knowledge of the bio-chemical processes within the body is still in the pre-kindergarten stage. And with this knowledge we place ourselves in jeopardy when we start tinkering with the body’s finely tuned processes. So far there has been no absolute test that evaluates relative vitamin needs. This means we do not know the proper proportions of one vitamin to another or of each to all and, again, to the hormones with which they share certain responsibilities. Knowing this already gives an understanding that anything other than that given from nature is a hazard to the human body. Humans are just not intelligent enough to create a living substance within a pill in the exact same proportion the body requires.

Our systemic needs for vitamin consumption have been grossly exaggerated by certain commercial interests and, as a result, there are a number of uninformed individuals who are consuming hundreds of different supplements every day.  This can only lead to health deterioration. An interesting fact is that the average man of 160 pounds (73kg) contains within his body just about a quarter of an ounce (7 grams) of all the different kinds of vitamins, including all the reserve supplies within his body!

Nature has provided for us all. Any real student of health knows that the chemist or manufacturer cannot put life or health into a bottle of pills. Just look at a pill and ask yourself, how on Earth is that supposed to give me more health? The life force resident within a plant cannot be extracted nor can it be compressed into a pill or capsule.

If you eat fresh fruits and leafy greens, a few nuts and edible seeds, you will receive an ample amount of vitamins.

So why are there so many companies selling these vitamin supplements?

Selling vitamins is a highly profitable business, profits being often 10 times higher over cost! Many proprietors of these outlets have an annual income well over the six figure dollar mark. Some physicians also sell vitamins directly to their patients, making their purchases from the large pharmaceutical companies.

Supplements can never replace fresh foods provided by nature. Moreover these supplements will generally cause a burden to the body as it cannot be utilized. Anything that cannot be used for maintenance, growth or repair, must be expelled by the body. Some even take so called “mega doses” thinking that they are helping their body, but this is not the case. I personally haven’t taken any supplements since I was a child and I am never sick. Last month I had a blood, urine and feces analysis because I experimented with my diet, eating only raw food in accord with natural hygiene principles. After a whole month, the results showed no deficiencies (my urine had an excess of vitamin c but this was because I ate a lot of oranges the previous day).

Anyone who desires abundant health must either grow his own produce or have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. There are many areas where we can save money; food should definitely not be one of them! We should encourage the public to plant fruit and nut trees to adorn our highways parks and roads. If we wish for health in our life, we must follow the laws of nature and human physiology. No magic potion or pill will ever cure disease or give health to the body. Health cannot be attained by taking supplements!

Here is a link for those who wish to know about mineral supplementing:

The information given in this article comes from the Essential Natural Hygiene course from Dr. Robert Sniadach. Anyone interested in doing his course and receiving an enormous amount of incredible information, can visit his website

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