The miraculous body part-1

human body

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The human body possesses an intelligence and degree of order that is incomprehensible to our intellects. The body conducts quadrillions of processes and actions day after day. We must stand in wonderment at the precision we observe. The same incredible intelligence at work inside each of us is also at work in every life form on Earth. So great are our body endowments that you should adopt this attitude: Never interfere with the vital domain!

All the knowledge and wisdom of civilization to date does not even come close to the intelligence exhibited by the operations of a single cell within the body. The best you can do is to arrange your external environment in a way that is best suited to your body‘s needs. The best, most intelligent thing you can do for the body itself is leave it alone and trust its inert wisdom and expertise! It knows what it is doing. You don’t!

Each cell is quite literally, a city in itself. It is a self-contained organism. The membrane is like a wall of a great city. Within it are numerous inhabitants, many of them enjoying an existence within the cell in the same way the cell enjoys its existence within the body.

The human body is said to possess 125 trillion cells, give or take a few trillion. Cells vary in size from midget to giant. However, even the smallest cell is about one billion times the size of its smallest component!

A cell has many organelles (functioning systems within their own membrane) that complement mitochondria* in making the cellular organism self-sufficient in its operations. Thus, the cell, like the human requires only that its needs be met within the context of a favorable environment. Just as humans strive to create favorable environments for themselves, cells long since ordered their environment by organizing a super city known as the human body!

If wisdom characterizes the seemingly infinite faculties of the cell, then think of the wisdom that unites over 100 trillion cells into an organism! Think how great must be the wisdom that guides the destiny of each cell within the body complex. Here is part 2

In part 2 we will go into greater depth and observe some more incredible functions that the human body does on a day to day basis.

* Mitochondria are organisms in themselves. As they have independent metabolic systems, it follows that they operate symbiotically with the cell in concert with each other. All components of the cell act for their mutual benefit. A mitochondrion (singular form) is a self-replicating, double-membraned body found in the cytoplasm of all eukaryotic (having a nucleus) cells. There can be from a minimum of one mitochondrion per cell to 10,000. Each cell in the human liver for example has around 1000 mitochondria just to give you an idea. In addition, they work as a team!

The information given in these articles originate from the Essential Natural Hygiene course from Dr. Robert Sniadach. Anyone interested in doing his course and receiving an enormous amount of incredible information, can visit his website

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