The miraculous body part 3

If you knew what was involved in turning over at night whilst sleeping, you’d be astonished. An area of the body involving countless of billions of cells becomes cramped or distressed in some way. An urgent request goes to the brain for movement to de-stress the cramped area. As well, the brain has been monitoring the situation all along. But movement is not initiated as long as matters remain within the parameters. When the situation threatens the integrity of cells in these areas, the brain, entirely beneath the level of wakefulness, will mobilize trillions of cells that comprise hundreds of muscle systems and affect a shift of body weight to a more comfortable position.

Can anyone doubt, after a study of the countless control mechanisms within the body, after observing what happens with predictable reliability when cuts, broken bones and other injuries are suffered, that the body is completely self-repairing?

Can anyone not see that the body has vast resources, that it is completely self-sufficient and that it is fully capable of coping with internal problems if given conditions which are favorable for its well-being?

Can anyone of average intelligence not see that any intrusion upon the vital domain is grossly wrong? Is it not obvious that it obstructs and interferes with processes revealing far more wisdom and expertise than we can ever hope?

Can anyone doubt that symptoms of sickness demonstrate body directed action in purifying and healing itself?

Can anyone doubt that an organism with the power to develop itself into a superb human being from a single fertilized ovum is less than capable of managing its internal affairs?

Can any person presume knowledge of internal needs better than the body itself?
It is very unwise, even dangerous, for anyone to presume an ability or knowledge superior to that of the body.

The only way to help the body is to cooperate with it, to meet its needs in accord with its condition. That is the only wise thing to do. This means” leave the body intelligently alone,” to do its work in full confidence that all body action is right action. It will always do the best it can with what it’s got! Our job is to provide it with all the essential needs of life, high quality food, water, air, sunlight, and so on (How exactly will be written in other articles).

The body is a perfect instrument within the environment of its adaption when its needs are correctly furnished. Intellect often misinterprets body processes and actually contravenes its needs. Much suffering and disease prevail today because well-intentioned people regard the body and its needs incorrectly.

Learn to trust the body implicitly, learn how to properly supply it and know that it will perform correctly whether in struggle or great health.

This blog will provide you with lots of information on how to give the body what it needs by giving it favorable conditions that support its welfare. There are no therapies, no cures and no quick tips for certain problems. This blog is here to show you the actions of healthful living and obviously through healthful living, vibrant health is normal.

We will be dissecting false beliefs about health, which will allow the truth to shine. This is not just a quick read that will get you nowhere. This is a process that will transform your whole life given you apply the information on a day to day basis. For this to happen, we must shed some layers of indoctrinated beliefs that we have about health, the body and disease. A shift in the way we perceive our body must take place, which is why I am writing a few articles first that allows you, the reader to see the body in a different light. Once we get the facts right will it then be possible to build up a foundation of knowledge that is of value.

The first fact is that the body knows what it’s doing, no question about it. So the conclusion is to leave it intelligently alone. What that means is create conditions which allow the body to do what it does best.

On the next post we will observe how vital energy/ nerve energy/ cosmic energy/chi etc.  is used and distributed by the body and how exactly this whole process works. Here is the link:

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